Broad Cleaner Applications

Precision Fluids’ full line of aqueous, semi-aqueous and solvent-based cleaner compounds was developed for a broad range of applications:

Maintainer 3401
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Tankside additive stabilize and buffer. Controls the growth of bacteria in machine sumps

Tornado PF-124                      Download Datasheet

Concentrated, heavy duty water based degreaser. Not for use on painted surfaces

Super Green PF-255                   Download Datasheet

Machine and sump cleaner. 10:1 interior, 20:1 exterior. Removes grease, carbon, grime, dirt and oil

Hurricane PF-203                    Download Datasheet 

Floor and hard surface cleaner. Does not leave sticky residues. Works with automatic scrubbers

Power Hand Scrub PF-360
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Poly-bead solvent and pumice free hand cleaner. Effectively removes soil, grease, and dirt

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