Process to Fix a Foaming Machine

Situation: Machine foaming immediately upon coolant discharge from spindle and wash down. 

1.  Check concentration with Refractometer.

2.  Take a retain sample of coolant from the spindle and shake it up; the foam should break in more than 8 seconds.

3.  Treat the retain sample with a drop of defoamer from the quart bottle; the foam should break in 5-8 seconds.

4.  Remove, inspect, and clean all the filters. They may have plugged up from oils or shipping protection ingredients; or enough chips have collected to possibly act as a barrier and cause the foam to strip out.

5.  Turn on the wash down and disperse the quart bottle in the machine, or do the same at the spindle; disperse very slowly.

6.  Take a retain sample from the spindle; observe the foam breaking in 5 seconds.

7.  Add water or coolant to the machine to bring the coolant to 10%.