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    Precision Fluids Industrial Metalworking Fluids
    Precision Fluids' metalworking fluids for metal removal and forming, corrosion prevention, cleaning and lubrication make machines used for cutting, grinding, drawing and stamping running longer, cleaner and better.

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    Metalworking and Machining Fluids | Precision Fluid
    Precision Fluids offers a comprehensive offering of metalworking fluids, including cutting, grinding, drawing and stamping fluids, cleaners, rust inhibitors and corrosion preventatives, and lubricants, to industrial manufacturing clients in Houston Texas, Louisiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    • Metal Removal

      Metal Removal Fluids I Precision Fluids
      Precision Fluids metalworking, cutting and grinding fluids include Neo-Synthetics, Synthetics, Soluble Oils, or Straight Oils that reduce heat build-up in the cutting zone, Reduce friction between the tool and the chips being removed, Flush chips from the cutting zone back to the sump,protect and inhibit corrosion.

    • Metal Forming

      Metal Forming Fluids I Precision Fluids
      Precision Fluids’ Metal Forming Fluids can handle light duty or the most severe processes for Drawing and Stamping, Hydroforming, delivering peak lubrication and cooling in metal bending, stretching, and shaping operations.

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      Cleaners I Precision Fluids

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      Lubricants I Precision Fluids
      Precision Fluids’ Lubricants offers a range of viscosity grades keep your industrial machinery operating in at peak levels, even in the most extreme operating conditions, reducing waste, extending grease life and extending re-lubrication intervals.

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    About Precision Fluids
    Precision Fluids is a global manufacturer of metalworking and machining fluids, and specialty industrial chemicals, providing fluid management to over 800 clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Malaysia.

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