Why Precision Fluids?

  • Comprehensive, flexible fluid technology
  • Proven best practice processes
  • Consistently high quality 
  • Unique solutions to challenging problems
  • Anywhere, anytime expert service and support 

Precision Fluids: Flexible, Capable, Reliable

Precision Fluids, Inc., founded in 1992 and based in Houston, Texas,  is a global manufacturer of innovative metalworking fluids and specialty industrial chemicals. We provide comprehensive fluid management to over 800 clients through our production facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Malaysia.

As a leader in a dynamic industry our clients trust us to deliver:

  • Broad, flexible capabilities, backed by “Best Practice” processes

Our long list of customers, most leaders in their industries, relies on Precision Fluids’ proven processes, consistently high quality and problem solving.

  • Unique service solutions to their most challenging issues

Precision Fluids’ listens to clients’ issues first, and then recommends the precise fluid product and service to meet their specific needs.

  • Skilled technical teams go where they’re needed

Precision Fluids’ product technologists take their expertise into the field, anywhere, anytime, to provide expert service and support onsite.

Building on our core technologies and decades of proven performance we continually develop new products. For example, our neo-synthetic fluids and micro soluble high pressure technology are both used across broad manufacturing applications.

Our exceptional cutting, grinding, drawing and stamping fluids; cleaners; corrosion preventatives; and lubricants have enabled us to build long-term, high value partnerships across clients in the oil & gas, nuclear energy, aerospace, automotive, medical and general manufacturing industries.