Why Customers Choose Precision Fluids

  • Eliminates Rancidity  
  • Extends Tool Life
  • Less Coolant Required
  • Eliminates Rust/Corrosion
  • Eliminates Dermatitis 

Fluid Services Optimize Performance & Reduce Cost

Precision Fluids offers a wide range of fluid management programs including onsite services, fluids maintenance, high quality machine cleaning, waste reduction, consulting services, recycling systems, equipment maintenance and comprehensive training.

It is our objective to optimize the efficiencies of our products to ultimately:

  • Reduce your fluid waste and overall expense

  • Increase production and lower costs associated with machine downtime

  • Improve your facility’s appearance

  • Improve health, safety, and environment

Our technical support group uses its expert knowledge to provide service either in our lab or at your site.


  • Determine proper pH
  • Evaluate fluid concentration levels
  • Examine microbial concentrations 
  • Conductivity testing

In Lab

  • Perform foam stability testing
  • Test for oil contamination
  • Elemental and tribological analysis

Through professional analysis we provide effective evaluations and recommendations to improve productivity and reduce long term costs for our clients.

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