Drawing & Stamping


Aqua Draw 3100             Download Datasheet

General purpose, water reducible, drawing compound for light to medium duty drawing and forming. GM approved.

Aqua Draw 3102             Download Datasheet 

Heavy duty water soluble drawing oil. Excellent anti-galling, adherence and anti-wipe properties. Dilutable.

Aqua Draw 3103             Download Datasheet 

Drawing compound, flowable emulsion. Use on heavy forming and deep drawing operations in single and multiple stage applications.

Aqua Draw 3104              Download Datasheet 

Heavy duty, water soluble drawing compound. Used for high scoring or severe stamping applications, may be used for less severe stamping and forming operations. Dilutable. 

Aqua Stamp 3120            Download Datasheet 

Economical, general purpose, water soluble oil for light to medium duty stampings and roll forming.

Aqua Stamp NC 3121            Download Datasheet 

Chlorine-free, heavy duty, water soluble, synthetic stamping fluid for severe stamping applications.

Aqua Draw 3122             Download Datasheet

 Heavy duty, water soluble drawing oil for deep drawing and severe stamping applications. Dilutable.

Emerald Draw 3140          Download Datasheet 

Heavy duty, non-chlorinated, synthetic drawing fluid. Environmentally friendly, excellent adherence properties.

Extreme Draw 3160        Download Datasheet

Heavy duty, low viscosity drawing oil. Ideally suited for hot running progressive die applications on ferrous metals.

Power Stamp 3170         Download Datasheet

Low viscosity, non-chlorinated punch and pierce lubricant. Ideally developed for use on aluminum.

Vanishing Oil 3180          Download Datasheet

Water extendable vanishing fluid for drawing and stamping of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Evaporates quickly, leaves thin film, indoor rust protection.

Vanishing Aqueous Oil 3181 Download Datasheet

Use for filling pores of metal, bonding to the surface, eliminating friction and wear. Evaporates quickly, leaving slight residual, protective film.

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